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Soninke-English dictionary: verbs Soninke
Sonike English
Daga To go
Telle To go (unaccomplished tense) to intend to go
Joofe To arrive
Ri To come
Ro To enter
Wuñi To open
Texe, texi To close
Soxo To lock
Xayi To send
Riti To carry
Kini To give
Kuyi, ku To offer
Baasu To offer (ceremonial)
Xobo / gaaga To buy
Tuga To pay
Kafu To add
Xomi, Xumaari To water
Wutu To take
Ro, taaxundi saxundi To put
Sigi, taaxu, toxo, wara To stop
Battu To follow
Wara To leave
Sankundi To lose
Sanku To be lost
Ñi To find
Dabari To make
Ña To do
Ña To become
Xiri To call
Tirindi To ask
Jaabi To respond
Duŋe To accept
Bara To refuse
Deema To help
Genmu To encounter
Muuru To search for
Xanu To like
Mulla To like
Tunsi To drive (someone)
Wurundi To drive (a car)
Bire To live
Wari To see
Faayi To look at
Terinka To listen
Mugu To hear
Faamu To understand
Tu To know
Maama To thank
Kuuñi To greet
Dugu To wait
Sefe, Masala To talk
Ko, Ti To speak
Faccari To translate
Mungu To forget
Sinme To remember
Xara To read, To learn
Xaranŋundi To teach
Safandi, safa To write
Jaate To calculate
Kaba To forbid
Yige, Yiga To eat
Xiñi To bite
Kanbu To munch
Sugu To suck
Mini To drink
Sore, soro To cook
Moyindi, moyi To cook
Wanqi To wash
Wangi To bathe
Xini To swim
Paase To iron
Lifi To sew
Kutu To cut
Taga To construct
Biyi To burn
Kumi To ignite
Tere To walk
Wuru To run
Jugumu To limp
Joogi To hurt oneself
Kanpi To bound (to fly for birds)
Fayi To steal, thief
Raga To trap
Butu To anger
Xañe To hunt, the hunt
Xate To hunt (to bring back from the hunt?)
Sege, segendi To go up, To ascend
Yanqa, yanqandi To descend
Laato To move away
Laatondi To move away
Tanpi To be tired
Gillo To grow (in size)
Xooro To grow (in importance)
Xoorondi To raise (children)
Joppe, joppa To begin
Ñame, ñama To end
Rege To danse
Suugu To sing
Fuule To whistle
Soyi To laugh
Ñaxali To rejoice
Wu To cry

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