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Numbers Soninke

Soninke-English Dictionary: the numbers in Soninke
Numeral Soninke English
1 Baane One
2 Fillo Two
3 Sikko Three
4 Naxato Four
5 Karago Five
6 Tumu Six
7 Ñeru Seven
8 Segu Eight
9 Kabu Nine
10 Tanmu Ten
11 Tanmu-do-banne Eleven
12 Tanmu-do-fillo Twelve
13 Tanmu-do-sikko Thirteen
14 Tanmu-do-naxato Fourteen
15 Tanmu-do-karago Fifteen
16 Tanmu-do-tumu Sixteen
17 Tanmu-do-ñeru Seventeen
18 Tanmu-do-segu Eighteen
19 Tanmu-do-kabu Nineteen
20 Tanpille Twenty
21 Tanpille-do-baane Twenty-one
30 Tanjikke Thirty
40 Tannaxate Forty
50 Tankarage Fifty
60 Tandume Sixty
70 Tanñere Seventy
80 Tansege Eighty
90 Tankabe Ninety
100 Kame One hundred
200 Kamo filli Two hundred
300 Kamo sikki Three hundred
1000 Wujjuune Thousand
½ Fillande A half
3-Jan Sikkande A third
1st Fana First
2nd Filla, fillandi Second
3rd Sikka, sikkandi Third
4th Naxatandi Fourth

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