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By Mamadou Diakite

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New York Meat & Fish Market

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By Mamadou Diakite

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Tichitt Walata


The Empire of Ghana’s power began to disintegrate in 1059 AD. The causes of the decline, was the Emperor and his chiefs began to overtax the region ,the Sahara desert began to expand affecting the crop production of the lands, which resulted in most of its citizens becoming dependent on food from the outside. This caused a decrease in the surplus of food from the Wagadu famers, and which caused trade of cattle and crops to declined dramatically. The Ghana Empire also had very volatile subjects in its kingdom, one of them was the Berber tribe “Sanhadja” . They were great enemies of Wagadu before they came into power but they were pacified as a result, of them being main tribe that brought most of the salt into the empire. But the Sanhaja had defected to Almoravids who were Berber muslims encroaching from the North. The muslim religion also became a threat as it began to get a stronger influence in the kingdom which caused tribes disbelief of the Semi-Divine King(Ghana).The emperor was also not able to exercise his authority over distant sources of that supplied gold, copper, and silver as his resources began to decrease due to his territory retracting in area. So the King of Ghana decided to make a deal with the Soso a sonay speaking tribe(believed to be an offshoot of the Soninke)and Manlinke people who lived in area were the Emperors authority was weak. The Soso and Malinke tribe that were initially supposed to mine and extract gold on the behalf of the Emperor. The Soso tribe then double crossed the Ghana emperor and strategically then made initiative to make a conquest and hoarded of the resources for themselves the manlinke followed suit. The Soso and Manlinke of course renounced any allegiance under the Ghana king.

Finally the “Almoravids” descended unto the territories of Ghana Empire and the Ghana Empire army and the Almoravids fought for 5 years from 1062. They both fought for 5 more years until the Almoravids gained control of the empire in 1067. Abu Bakr ibn Umar would eventually hold down all resistance, and his cousin Yusef ibn Tashifin would eventually rule the region with an iron fist.

The Soninke attempted to resist the Almoravids for 10 years but were not successful, and the Soninke were finally constrained to a smaller kingdom in 1077.

In 1203 AD the “Kante clan” a Mande tribe conquered every other Mande tribe including the Soso an Manlinke, Samunguru Kante a powerful leader eventually destroyed what was left of the remnants of the Ghana Kingdom. But although the kingdom was gone the Soninke were still able to keep their traditions together. The Soninke and the Ghana Empire legacy would live on as the ruler Askya Muhhamd I also called Askya the Great, of the Songhai Empire and was half Soninke inheriting his lineage from his father. Askya Muhhamad would be one of the greatest emperors in African history ruling over one of the biggest amount of territory known in Africa.

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Religious education

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